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Serving Lorain County in Ohio since 2002

Least of These Dog Rescue (Matthew 25:40,45) is a privately owned small dog rescue in Wellington, Ohio (Southern Lorain County of North Central Ohio) that began by pulling dogs from our local high kill pound for reputable rescues.  Then we began transports/fostering for Italian Greyhounds, Yorkies, Greyhounds and helping other rescues.  Then home visits to complete an adoption process were added on to our responsibilities.

Least of These is founded on the principle that if we treat people with kindness it is like treating Jesus with kindness. If we treat an animal with cruelty it is like treating Jesus with cruelty.  If our neighbor would want a loaf of bread, who of us would give him a stone instead?  "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me says the verse in Matt. 25:40,45." 

When we show kindness, compassion, and mercy to those in difficulties, we are showing the merciful attitude that God expects us to.  We know this applies to people as well as God's creatures.

                     We believe that the term "designer dogs" is a fad and trendy.  We prefer to say "a mixture of breeds is for a lifetime". 

We are dedicated to cleaning up and retraining small dogs that are strays, owner turn-ins, or dogs destined to be euthanized for space or medical needs, a few at a time.  We provide gentle loving care until the time we find responsible loving forever homes for them.  Dogs that do not find homes stay with us here.  We believe dogs deserve to be treated respectfully, with humane treatment and the best home for life.  We focus on dogs that are left over that no one apparently wants because of looks/health/age.  "There's a nice dog in there somewhere" we say and we work to find and bring out that beautiful spirit.  LOTDR is not a 501 , but we are non-profit.  All donations made to the rescue and adoption fees go directly back to the dogs for their vet/food/supplies.  We believe that God intends for people to treat dogs humanely with kindness and love and care: Proverbs 12:10, "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."

Through the years we have transitioned into rescuing senior dogs.  We have not been limited to that, but our own dogs are getting older and many dogs have come here aged.  It is difficult to watch a sight-hound loose eyesight and agilities or any dog that has failing health.  God encourages us as we take in each dog.  We do everything we can to concentrate on their comfort.  As they age and approach the end of life, they eventually do lose their desires to play, walk, eat or drink.  It is a privilege to honor God and make decisions that would do so.  When they have to go, we would always like for God to just take them home quietly and peacefully.  Through His sovereignty we know that he wants us to learn and as a very last resort may want us to seek the help of our veterinarian so we can lovingly hold them to end suffering.  Entering our Hearts Lodge they are not alone and they know they are loved.  It is our deepest desire to help each dying dog to end their life well.  It all takes a wisdom we do not possess on our own.  With senior dog rescues it takes God's wisdom to not wait too long.  Seeing  a dog go thro pre-death convulsions is something we sincerely hope to avoid.  Nor do we want  to decide too soon when they still have some enjoyment in a comfortable lap, even if it is just eating and giving kisses.

Since we don't claim to know all the history of a dog in our care, and even though our dogs are already (or blossom into) great pets, we very rarely say that a dog is great with all children.  We have met many gentle children and appreciate them so much, but we realize that children that are playing don't always have the best interest of a dog at heart.  That is understandable, but some dogs are not comfortable around playing children.  Therefore, we suggest either meeting the dog with your family if you have preschool age children; and for a dog with wary characteristics, we adopt only to families with children over 6 yrs of age.  We offer (after acceptance of application) for an applicant to visit with the dog that is up for adoption at the foster home and with your dogs (should you have any) to see if they are an appropriate match.

Adoption donations are based on breed/age/health of dog.  We require a signed contract adoption agreement.  Our adoptions are a process - We take applications first, then do home visits/references and vet checks before the final decisions are made.  We will not consider shipping.  At times a transport can be done, but please don't count on it.  It would be best to make arrangements for you to pick up the dog at the foster home.  I like to think that the dogs have a say in where they go.  When this is not possible we can make adoption decisions at the home visit.  This way they can agree or disagree to go with you.  Some dogs may feel abandoned by a person who has devoted a lot of time socializing/training it that is then taken to a new home and "left" - it all depends on the dog.  We want to start its new forever life on a good note with as few surprises as possible.

If you would like to foster or make donations please contact us.


If you wish to submit an application, email us and we will email you the form.

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